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TrackRecord enables users to achieve a 'single source of truth' approach to managing regulatory, auditing and project compliance issues.
What is TrackRecord?

A Trusted Solution

TrackRecord is delivered in conjunction with consultancy services to aid clients in managing regulatory, corporate, audting and project compliance issues. We have been continually evolving our technology for over 16 years and continue to find new and exciting applications for TrackRecord.

The tool today delivers “adaptive” compliance management with the ability to be tailored to the particular requirements of the client. The tool can be utilitsed by clients to manage property and asset compliance, consents management, stakeholder engagement, construction permit compliance, employee training compliance, management systems compliance and a host of other applications.

TrackRecord is designed to work seamlessly across all your devices


World Class Security

TrackRecord utilises enhanced authentication methods including ‘two factor authentication’ and ‘single sign-on’. TrackRecord undergoes regular penetration testing conducted by independent security experts and our clients’ IT teams.


The TrackRecord software and infrastructure has been designed to allow clients and the software to scale solutions to their needs. From small scale instances with a few users to international networks with thousands, TrackRecord works.

Dedicated UK Support

UK-based experienced technical and competent support ranging from system help desk and training through to full compliance consultancy.

Native Apps

In addition to being optimised for desktop and mobile, TrackRecord has native iOS apps designed to work offline.

Users can populate their databases whilst out on site, upload custom reports and complete actions on the go.

Cloud Based

TrackRecord is hosted in a ‘hybrid cloud’ configuration utilising Microsoft Azure and Jacobs dedicated servers. This ensures a resilient hosting solution with robust infrastructure, creating no ‘single point of failure’.

Data Protection

Our staff fully understand and comply with EU GDPR in how data is accessed, handled and stored. Data encryption at rest, data encryption in transit, database encryption and strict access controls gives our clients peace of mind when using TrackRecord.

Geo-Spatial Data Support

Geo-locate data with TrackRecord's intuitive mapping interface to maximise decision making with spatial information.


Tailorable database structure and terminology to fit your organisational and compliance requirements.

Use Cases

TrackRecord is a flexible and highly customisable system capable of being applied across a range of sectors.

Property & Facilities Management

TrackRecord delivers proactive risk management through key action alerts, real-time gap analysis and delivery of effective governance and reporting. The system is adaptive to region, currency, time-zone, local legislation and even project or client terminology. As a web-based system, accessibility of information for multi-location clients becomes straight forward and supports the use of mobile devices to ensure a real-time database. TrackRecord is especially effective in complex compliance situations where a myriad of responsibilities, interdependent activities and large levels of compliance documentation are handled.

With the responsibility of managing a property portfolio comes the overwhelming volume of different legislation, reporting and remedial work. TrackRecord tracks your property and asset operational compliance in real time, including identifying gaps in compliance and managing them through to completion. This includes detailed assets in a property such as equipment that requires regular inspection and maintenance as well as infrastructure assets like roads and bridges that have maintenance contracts and quality inspections to keep track of.

TrackRecord delivers “adaptive” compliance management with the ability to be tailored to the particular requirements of the client. It is a flexible tool that can be used to manage the entire scope of project based permitting, irrespective of the project type, location or scale. TrackRecord provides real time reporting across projects locations or phases to ensure that compliance is monitored.


Stakeholder Engagement

TrackRecord takes the complexity of stakeholder engagement and streamlines the process, giving our customers maximum control over correspondance and assigning actions to team members at the click of a button.

Coupled with our powerful web-GIS system, ProjectMapper, TrackRecord can be used to visualise land access agreements in real-time on any device.

Stakeholder Engagement

Environmental Management Systems

TrackRecord gives a high level view of compliance across all processes in an environmental management system. It can be instrumental in achieving environmental accreditation standards such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. TrackRecord eliminates the need for paper files, keeping a full audit trail that will be useful in the case of enforcement checks and client audits.


Transport Infrastructure Applicability

Jacobs is able to improve the tracking of construction compliance and approvals on major transport infrastructure projects through the use of the TrackRecord adaptive compliance management tool. This tool can be tailored to the specific requirements of the project and can play an important role in better understanding project risks at the tender phase and ensuring that these are identified and effectively managed so as to avoid unexpected delays to the construction schedule. As a web based system there are significant benefits in terms of reducing administration and paperwork whilst also giving sub-contractors a system whereby they can upload compliance or permit requirements from an iPad or smart phone in the field. This greatly reduces the time for compliance management and provides real time compliance indicators and reports that allow you to more effectively assess and manage risk across the project.

Significant benefits can be achieved through the capture of data relating to compliance requirements across a particular project, such as reducing reporting and project management costs, while providing management and proponents with increased confidence around the level of compliance that is being achieved.

TrackRecord is able to manage compliance across projects and provides a simple mechanism for demonstrating compliance. As well as appropriately managing significant environmental and planning approval risks, TrackRecord provides increased confidence in the project risk profile leading to the identification of opportunities to improve processes and controls; facilitating timely approvals for construction.


Energy Industry Applicability

TrackRecord manages permit documentation, actions and frequencies of ongoing activity including the owners allocated and delivery timescales set. In an environment management context, the tool can be utilised to manage compliance for:

  • Land clearing and vegetation management, particularly in the vicinity of endangered regional ecosystems as well as land contamination and subsidence
  • Surface and Groundwater impacts (both shallow and deep aquifers)
  • Atmospheric impacts from point and non-point processes
  • Management of other waters (e.g. process water, contaminated storm water, final voids, sewage and sullage)
  • Nuisance impacts (dust, noise, odour vibration, and light)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Waste management
  • Ancillary facilities

This approach to compliance delivers real savings and provides an efficient and reliable process for reducing compliance risk, including the added benefit of the continuity of data, evidence and knowledge management across the project and client organisation.


Social Infrastructure

With the sheer volume of different legislation that affects the workplace, it comes as no surprise that organisations today find it difficult managing the appropriate procedures, tracking actions and storing the evidence that remedial works have been carried out. Jacobs' TrackRecord puts all of this at your fingertips.

TrackRecord has been developed to solve the problems of managing compliance, primarily for property management. This includes activities such as preparedness for enforcement checks and client audits, while eliminating the need for paper files. The system can identify any gaps in your compliance and ensure that these are managed through to completion.

Social Infrastructure


Single source of truth

Multi-industry compliance reporting and reduction of data silos mitigating the risk of poor data management.

Reduced management costs

Centralised platform with dedicated help desk resource at competitive rates creating internal efficiencies.

Evidence based approach

Reduction of reputational and operational risk to the client by creating an evidence-based approach to complying with project/client requirements.

Increased transparency

Fully auditable system with tailorable access to all team members across the delivery partnership.

Real-time reporting

Live access to trend analysis and management reporting tools bringing project data to life.


Tailorable, easy to use interface accessible to all users. Structured search filters for seamless navigation.

Fully integrated

API platform system integration capability for bespoke tailoring on a client by client basis.


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